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Garage Doors Big Pay Off

Image of Garage Doors

We all know street appeal is important, but how many of us consider the importance of the garage door? Recent reports show that replacing a garage door is a big pay off when selling a home.

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Get Fresh With Your Lighting!!

Maybe replacing the light fixtures is not a reality right now, but how about replacing the tired traditional bulb with some of the new exciting bulbs on the market.

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Concrete Floors

Painted Concrete Floors With Stencil

Up until now, staining concrete or painting concrete meant faux brick or faux stone. But how about these applications that could pass for that trendy tile that you are afraid to commit to or too expensive for your budget.

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Retractable Shades

Retractable Shades Marti Brown Realtor

Weather is awesome in Southern California, but we all could use a bit of shade some times. These are my preferred options - Retractable Shades.

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Repurpose – Recycle – Pallet

Repurposed Furniture - Marti Brown Realtor

When I recently sold a house to a madly creative young couple, I asked them their plans for their oversized back yard, that was in desperate need of a plan and some landscaping. The ideas I got were totally unexpected. A pallet deck…

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Lighting Is Fashion For The Room

Light It Up - Marti Brown Realtor

Want to update a room for not a lot of money? Replace the lighting. There are so many options in lighting that are affordable these days. I have featured several...

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Closet Detox

Closet Detox- Marti Brown Realtor 2

So all of us dream of that perfect closet. Large enough for a seating area, center island with all of our smalls and even a chandelier. What we normally get is something so crammed full we can’t find anything.

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