Mini Remodels

I’VE BEEN CALLED THE HOUSE WHISPERER, I don’t know how I got the name exactly, but it seems to fit. I have an innate sense upon walking into a house to know what it needs. Whether it is to move a wall and open it up for better traffic flow, or reorient a bathroom for better space use.

I am not sure how it started, it may have been during my youth doing realtor rides with my mom; or else working along side her when she began flipping houses to put me through school, or during my years of design school, maybe even during the first remodels done for myself. I also get to look at so many great houses, and see what buyers are buying and what they are responding to in homes.

Bathroom Before Remodel

Before Remodel

How I put that to use for you is: I love to find under performing homes for my clients and advise them on the affordable changes that will increase their potential homes value and marketability. Often time homes that have an awkward layout don’t sell as fast or for as high a price, so value can be had in a very competitive market.

I will help you to see that vision and offer a list of sub contractors who can accomplish the work. In addition, I am always available for an opinion or even a shopping trip. I have clients that will vouch for this!! I also work with sellers, and for a budget of 1% of the selling price; I determine what will increase the value of their home and make it more marketable and sell quicker.

I can also help with staging and rearranging furniture to make the home look its best. In homes in the first time buyer market, it is often a question of getting the kitchen or bath more move in ready for the cash strapped new buyer. Getting the vision of where the house can be and its future potential started.

For move up buyers it is often the wow factor that makes that buyer excited about changing homes. I keep abreast of trends in design and housing, constantly researching, shopping and just out looking and I love sharing this info with my clients. It’s what sets me apart.

Many times my sellers move out and turn over the keys and my team and I do all the rest, so that they can concentrate on their new home. My mantra is: There is never a second chance to make a first impression, so getting it right, right out of the gate is so important when selling your home.

After copy 3

After Remodel

So, if you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell a house, I love your referrals and will take great care of them. Looking forward to lots of great design and getting you into the perfect home.