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Garage Doors Big Pay Off

Image of Garage Doors

We All Know Street Appeal Is Important,
But How Many OF Us Consider The Importance Of The Garage Door?

Recent reports show that replacing a garage door is a big payoff when selling a house. If your home has a garage door that is visible from the street, it is part of the street appeal of the house and so important to a buyer’s first impression.

Garage doors aren’t just for function any more, they have become an important design element. The current trend is for doors that don’t look like doors. From the shuttered doors above to the wood with glass inset panels, these doors are stunning and become a very custom feature to your home.

Not only are doors becoming more beautiful, they are becoming more functional. From doors that roll to the side as seen here, to the ability to connect to your smart home and open and close from your smart phone or ipad.

There are several great resources in Southern California for these great doors ,from Anaheim Doors to the Overhead Door company located in the Valley.

Prices on these doors can be steep, a glass and aluminum door starts in the $4000 range fully installed with garage door opener. The Wood and glass door runs closer to the $5000 mark and the shutter doors start in the range of $4500. .

But the findings show that every dollar you spend will be returned in increased value of your home. So don’t delay, if you are thinking about a garage door upgrade, do it now and enjoy it now and when you sell.

If you need any inspiration, please feel free to call. Also if you, or any one you know is thinking of buying or selling, I would love to help. Your referrals are always appreciated.

Wood and Glass Garage Door
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Sliding Wood Garage Door

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