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What Are You Going To Do With Your Extra Hour Of Daylight?

Outdoor String Lights on a Patio

Daylight Saving Went Into Effect March 12

The long days of summer are fast approaching. Now is the time to get the outdoors ready for those warm relaxing evenings. Here are a few things I will be doing to get ready. Let me know what you will be doing.

  1. Check the irrigation system for efficiency and make the necessary repairs. We want to make sure that we save our precious water, even though we have had a wet winter.
  2. String up some fun patio lights. Turn an unused area of your yard into an outdoor Living Room or Dining Room by creating a canopy of lighting.
  3. Shop the fantastic Veterans Stadium Flea Market or the Urban Americana Antique Mall on Coronado Avenue, for a fantastic furniture piece and or rug to turn your new area into a fun lounging area.
  4. Create a vertical garden. Water saving hip new way to add green to the ubiquitous Southern California Stucco walls. Super Easy to DIY. I am planning mine with garden trays, wire, cactus mix, succulents and throw away frames. My favorite resources are Rogers Gardens and South Coast Supply.
  5. Clean out the garage and or house and start preparing for a beginning of summer garage sale. You might just make enough to pay for that fun new piece of furniture you just picked up or another project that you are inspired to do.
Patio String Lights

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